May 05, 2022 – This week Fathom was excited to kick off its fifth Leadership Forum Group (LFG) cohort and the second cohort of 2022.  

The Fathom Leadership Forum Group (LFG) is for leaders who seek a community of peers with whom to share the realities of the leadership experience, explore new perspectives, and elevate their effectiveness. Each cohort is made up of a community of peers from different organizations who share in the courageous, often lonely act of leading – a place where they can be honest about the reality of their experiences and know that they are not adrift. 

“Because of LFG, I now know that I want and am prepared to step into new and more challenging leadership roles going forward.”
– Scott Sullivan, AAA 

“LFG gave me the ability to stay grounded in my values and choices and still get results. I feel calmer and more focused about the decisions I make going forward. LFG gave me the support to do that.
– Christine Jowdy, IBM 

Over the 12-week program, this new cohort will become equipped to explore and act on their most urgent issues and ambitions with more confidence and effect. And they will get access to 12 distinct frameworks that will become an essential toolkit to draw upon long after the program is complete. And when the program is complete, all participants become members of the greater LFG community which has grown to over 50 already.  

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Questions? Reach out to Fathom Co-Founder Brent Robertson. 

Fathom’s Leadership Forum Group is a private weekly Zoom event limited to ten participants. We enroll a new cohort each quarter and have two cohorts kicking off in July, and in October. Be a part of the exploration on what it means to lead, now. Sign up for the next LFG info session on June 29 here: