At a recent future design workshop Fathom facilitated for SMPS-NY, a group of experienced marketing professionals representing some of the most important architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms in the world, explored their future. In particular, their desire to have more strategic influence on their firms. 

What was uncovered was a way to look at the role of marketing, for what it is, what it could be and why it matters to the future. In addition, the session revealed a set of actions, that if taken would elevate the voice of marketing within firms and the industry. (All of this to be included in a soon-to-be-published white paper)

Highlights of what we discovered:

What’s so:
For the most part, marketing teams within the AEC space are at arms length to strategy – focused almost entirely on business winning activities (proposal generation, etc) leaving little time to cultivate new markets or relationships.

“Brent, this workshop was totally amazing! We remained energized and engaged the entire time. Very collaborative and inclusive of everyone’s ideas.  We have some strong concepts to think about, embrace and implement on many levels from personal to firm and to the NYC AEC industry at large.  We are not the same people walking out of the workshop as we were walking in. This is equivalent to a seismic surge!”

“The perspective you presented was one I had never thought of before. I will be trying to include my future in my present from now on.”

What’s possible:
If the voice of marketing were included at the executive level, and directly involved with strategic decisions, it would allow the marketing teams to be the ambassadors of the strategy (a natural skillset of marketers). And this enable everyone to be more proactive in not only client relationship development, but also internal relationship development. Key to any firm’s growth.

“This is a wonderful program showing companies how incorporate the vision of their future selves into the work that they are doing today. So brilliant.”

Why it matters:
What came clear is that the marketing teams, if seen as curators, can bring meaning, relevance and engagement to the activities and strategies of the firm inside and out.  In fact, during this workshop, the team identified a compelling purpose for marketing teams in AEC firms: To create environments where people know they matter and recognize their actions could change the world.

Who wouldn’t want that!

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