“When I first spoke to Mel,” recalled Brent, “he was calling me about some, what sounded crazy at the time, leadership program he was trying to build. However, when he came in to meet and shared even 10 minutes of his insights, I realized all at once I wasn’t alone in what I sensed was possible for anyone who put their mind to it. And that there was not only framework to develop one’s leadership, but a rich community of others actively supporting each other’s commitment to taking more responsibility for the world around them. This moment marked the start of my own personal transformation.”

At Fathom, Mel will be offering one-on-one leader development for executives who are on the front line of change. Through this engagement, leaders will be able to increase their effectiveness and the impact of their team and organization. The following three statements are a way to begin to understand who Mel is and the nature of his work:

  1. Mel knows that, with rare exceptions, people at work are committed to contributing and making a difference. He knows people have the capability to lead and that being a leader is not the byproduct of an endowment, but rather it is a matter of individual choice.
  2. Mel believes people perform best when they learn how to use tension as a creative resource, rather than something that needs to be eliminated.
  3. Mel imagines a future where we find our way to a more just society by having diversity, gender, and privilege be a basis for contribution rather than a justification for conflict.

Learn more about Mel Toomey and leader development at Fathom.