The first step in creating a future based on what you believe is taking bold action to demonstrate the potential you see for growth. That is exactly what Executive Director Anne Coates and her team have decided to do. Believing that creativity is inherent to everyone and a critical part of the human experience, they are looking for new ways to extend CAW’s vast arts experience to those who may not self-identify as artists.

In the business world, creativity ranks between #1 and #3 as the most desired skill employers want—confirmed by multiple recent studies. Leading businesses like Google, Apple and Amazon have proved that developing a practice of applied creativity is not nice to have, but is essential for real breakthroughs in their performance.

Right now, CAW and Fathom are piloting a program focused on complex problem solving to help professionals unlock their creative capacities and generate new value for their organization. Designed for professionals and their teams, the workshop will focus on developing four primary skills for using creativity to approach complex problem solving:

  • Upsetting the status quo – Shifting your thinking
  • Acting despite uncertainty – Moving forward without clarity and stability
  • Uncovering meaning – Extracting patterns and discovering logic
  • Forming & communicating – Developing your ability to communicate and persuade

We are looking for:

  • Participants – If you belong to a business or organization who could benefit from this workshop…
  • Sponsors / Partners – If you are interested in sponsoring or supporting this pilot program…
  • Future Facilitators – If this sounds like something you would be interested in teaching or facilitating…

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