"Teams of people who fight for a future that serves something beyond themselves have the infinite capacity to contribute their energy and time."

Brent has an insatiable appetite for helping people push beyond perceived limits.

Brent has an insatiable appetite for helping people push beyond perceived limits.

Experience has shown Brent that we already have what we need to support the future we want for ourselves and those that matter to us. The hard part is seeing it, committing to it, and continuing to learn, adapt and take confident action when we feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Brent spends his days helping leaders get closer to what matters to them, understand the potential their organizations possess, and focus their energy in ways that will make the biggest difference. He also leads teams through collective, creative explorations that unleash their power to contribute unique value to the world.

Brent’s work with clients allows them to use more of their humanity to serve more of humanity.

He guides organizations through clarification of goals and intentions, the design of new organizational futures, and the strategies that will realize them. Whether the objective is expansion into a new market, rethinking a brand position, realignment of internal teams, or advancing a team responsible for client relationships—the result is a true-to-life vision, the tools to make it happen and a won’t-fail-with-me position. He knows you can be at work, and up to something bigger at the same time that helps you make a real and meaningful difference in the world.

Brent advises and inspires organizations such as Kaman Corporation, BlumShapiro, Barnes Group, Jacobs Vehicle Systems, and Foodshare.

Brent is particularly inspired by the Advanced Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries and the organizations that support them. He serves as a board member and strategic advisor to the Construction Institute and SMPS.

Brent knows organizational success requires art, craft and science. As the son of a fabric artist and an electronic engineer, Brent learned that progress depends on not knowing the way forward, and being open to unexpected methods for experimentation.

Brent believes people deserve a chance to see their own genius, to know they matter, and to contribute to something meaningful. Brent is fired up by those ideas that ring a bell for a whole team—the ones that are expressed spontaneously, and go beyond the imagination of any one person in that group.

Brent imagines a world where we’re in the business of elevating each other with the mindset of how much value can I contribute to the world to elevate our state of existence vs. the current 3000-year-old mindset of how much of the world can I take or control before I die.

Speaking and Facilitation

Brent provokes new ways of seeing the world.

He is frequently invited to lecture on the topic of leadership at universities and conferences, and draws on the experiences of his personal transformation—going from overweight to ultra-distance trail/road marathoner and triathlete in under three years—as a place from which to mentor others through personal and professional change. He shares the profound effect of effort + understanding when building the muscle for change.

“To be a leader means you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable, as you focus on what you can control—yourself.”

Speaking Topics

Future Design – See your future as a place of infinite possibility, and that you have everything you need already to call it into existence

Organizational Strategy – Inspire your entire organization to move forward with intention, focus and celebration

Workforce Engagement – Create an organizational eco-system that attracts the talent you want, and inspires the thriving cultural dynamic you need to keep them

Market Differentiation – Go from being one of many companies to choose from, to the essential partner your ideal clients can’t live without

Innovation & Creativity – Unleash your organizations latent capacity to generate new value in the world by changing where you are thinking from

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