"A vision is only a dream until pragmatism becomes an ally."

Building vibrant brands and businesses

Dave has spent more than 25 years collaborating with senior leadership teams to develop strategies that elevate the value of their brands and the vibrancy of their culture. Often, these organizations are in the midst of significant change (heightened competition, rapid growth) and must respond efficiently and effectively. Dave works with those companies to develop clear plans to drive business outcomes, built on engaging and inspiring the core audiences that are vital to success – both external and internal.

By helping clients generate the structures and strategies that turn vision into action, Dave lays the groundwork to meet and surpass business goals. Dave has worked with the leadership teams of companies such as Kaman, Cotiviti, Coverys, BlumShapiro, Med-IQ, and Newman’s Own Foundation, and is a board member of Junior Achievement and Root Center for Advanced Recovery.

Dave knows the kind of long-game commitment and practical efforts needed to make possibility real. He’s a former national champion and Olympic Trials finalist swimmer who continues to train and compete at a world-ranked level to sustain his mental and physical endurance. He’s a proud alumni of Stanford University and cheers loudly for the Cardinal.

He’s an entrepreneur, with a track record of five successful startup ventures. He also played a major role in creating early benchmarks of the online economy—in particular, creating the VeriSign Secure Site Seal – which became the leading symbol of trust on the Internet, and even landed Dave on the cover of Time Magazine.

Dave knows creativity, hard work, the willingness to take risks, and a sustained source of inspiration are the keys to growth. Those that stay comfortable never make history.

Dave believes in creating conditions where people are free to express themselves and to find meaning in their work.

Dave imagines ways where we can express our talents more fully and experience lasting inspiration and enjoyment.

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