"When I was very young, I learned the true meaning and feeling of honesty and trustworthiness. It’s so important to me."

Donna is a master of subtle action.

Donna makes daily adjustments that result in better outcomes for the Fathom team and our clients. She listens and remembers the stories and experiences of others, and responds with caring interventions that connect us to our humanity and the power of family—practices some of the most successful organizations cultivate to grow and sustain authentic cultures.

Donna helps Fathom see itself, so we can strategically expend energy on behalf of others. That might mean analyzing the real time investments made on projects and initiatives, or architecting financial logistics that keep projects moving forward. When you connect with Donna, you deal in honesty and trust.

Donna knows living well means continually learning from every experience and every person around you. As we design our own futures, we’d be wise to draw upon the ethics and personalities of others to shape ourselves into who we want to be.

Donna believes people deserve to be heard without judgment. If teams of people need to work well together to succeed, then support for members—including clear information, direction and clarity of roles—is non-negotiable. Donna is inspired when she sees strangers being kind to one another. Kindness, compliments, putting other people first—these are the things that create the possibility for common goals, whether for organizations, families, or societies.

Donna imagines a future where humans develop a sustainable way of living, where we take better care of each other and the environment and appreciate the world around us. For our clients, Donna sees a future where they know why they exist and also know they need to hear and respect new voices of teammates to successfully act on it.

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