"Imagination is a muscle—like the iris of your eye—that allows you to focus in a different way."

Fueling cultures that drive success

As an Associate Partner at Fathom, Matt works with all kinds of businesses and their teams to help them get clear on what their version of success looks like, and what it will take to achieve it.

He holds space for an honest, ongoing, high-level conversation that focuses the team’s collective insight, imagination, and drive, while inspiring and amplifying an authentic leadership culture—one where everyone in the organization is incented to assume ownership of their, and the organization’s future.

Along the way, Matt helps create expressions of the organization’s and team’s commitments to each other and their world, which includes customers, referrers, partners, and communities. These may be in the form of brand and marketing messages, as well as the design of intentional relationship experiences that strengthen bonds and spur new levels of prosperity.

Matt also has over a decade’s experience helping some of the world’s biggest companies’ brand teams imagine and innovate the new products, services, and stories that matter most to those they want stronger relationships with. This includes breakthrough work with Gillette/P&G, Colgate, iRobot, PepsiCo, Starbucks and Keurig.

Matt knows that if you can see it, you can change it. But to change it you’ve got to be outspoken and insistent, primarily with yourself, the person you have the most influence and some control over.

Matt believes in connected teams. He loves seeing people getting inspired by each other—new thoughts, possibilities, ways of talking about what they do and where it could lead.

Matt imagines a future that’s full of ‘tipping points’ that bring people closer together and in greater awareness of their power to effect change. He imagines a future where the vast resources of this planet are accessible to those who need them.

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