"Imagination is a muscle—like the iris of your eye—that allows you to focus in a different way."

Matt is an advocate for creating what’s needed to change our minds and relationship with our world.

Matt knows the incredible cumulative effect of effort applied through the right understanding, with constant reapplication of new knowledge. He explores the way our brains respond— not just to our experiences, but to our understanding of them. Shifting where we are thinking from invites solutions inspired by daily challenges and potential frustrations, inducing collaborative possibilities from any we interact with.

Matt synthesizes complex ideas and feelings into cohesive concepts, and makes plans for taking action on them in ways that inspire others, whatever their role in an organization, to contribute and own it.

Matt helps clients experience a refreshed sense of their own power and purpose, and a pride that’s born of the unleashed creativity and commitment of the team. They also adopt a more experimental attitude that takes challenges and obstacles and turns them into fodder for growth and achievement. Together, they imagine and realize new product and service offerings, cultures, and brand experiences.

He thinks of organizational brands as homes for human imagination—evoking concrete expectations about transactional experiences as well as activating emotions about our own potential. Matt engages those customers most essential to an organization or brand’s future, to surface their aspirations, motivations, and keenest challenges, which reveal strategic opportunities to offer a more valuable relationship.

Matt knows that if you can see it, you can change it. But to change it you’ve got to be outspoken and insistent, primarily with yourself, the person you have the most influence and some control over.

Matt believes in connected teams. He loves seeing people getting inspired by each other—new thoughts, possibilities, ways of talking about what they do and where it could lead.

Matt imagines a future that’s full of ‘tipping points’ that bring people closer together and in greater awareness of their power to effect change. He imagines a future where the vast resources of this planet are accessible to those who need them.

Provoking our innate ability to create the future we want

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