"Most organizations evolve at the rate that the people who lead them evolve."

Mel is driven by a life-long curiosity about what it takes to lead breakthrough outcomes.

Mel is fascinated by the act of leadership. He sees leading as a unique self-expression – an artful expression, one that can’t be taught, but can be learned. This interest has resulted in the research and refinement of methods to develop leadership through real-time, on-the-job experiences.

In working with Mel you will learn to create conditions that accelerate your development as a leader all while achieving real business results. What normally would take two or more decades to develop is achieved in few months of intensive work.

Working with Mel, leaders faced with extraordinary challenges learn to design and lead  initiatives their organization can win and avoid the trap of playing “not to lose.”

He works one-on-one with executives who are on the front line of change. These are leaders who are committed to increasing their effectiveness and the impact of their team and organization.

Mel is the principle designer of one of the first MAs in Organizational Leadership. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters for his work in establishing leadership as a profession. He has taught at University of Arkansas, Chicago Theological Seminary, and at The Graduate Institute, where Mel serves as Scholar in Residence. He also founded The Center for Leadership Studies, which continues to accelerate the impact of leaders world-wide.

Mel knows that with rare exceptions, people at work are committed to contributing and making a difference. He knows people have the capability to lead and that being a leader is not the byproduct of an endowment, but rather it is a matter of individual choice.

Mel believes people perform best when they learn how to use tension as a creative resource, rather than something that needs to be (delete) eliminated.

Mel imagines a future where we find our way to a more just society by having diversity, gender, and privilege be a basis for contribution rather than a justification for conflict.

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