With a 50 year history, and an open-minded, enthusiastic, and continually improving approach to the future, WNP is a special company. Over the last couple of years, we’ve worked with them to help them realize just how remarkable they are and use that their advantage.

By the time we introduced WNP to our public relations partner, Simms PR, they were very prepared to speak for their industry and fully own what they do. They were in touch with why they do it. They don’t just make nameplates. They enable essential communication.

This way of looking at things is a big part of why WNP’s product fills the cover of the latest issue of a publication that typically features helicopters or jets. As far as any of us knows, an aerospace publication has never done a cover story on nameplates before.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of this story, however, appears in one of the photo captions. The editor of the magazine included a photo of a vintage 1950s nameplate on an airplane engine. The caption reads:

“This 1950s engine nameplate still provides essential information about the model, serial number, specifications, and operating parameters.”

There in the caption of a nameplate by another company, from another time, written by an objective editor, was the phrase “essential communication.” Willington Nameplate hadn’t just changed how they think and talk about themselves and what they do. Those two words show they are changing the larger conversation about their corner of manufacturing.

This is what happens when organizations engage with one another on a level beyond the transactions they conduct and are open to the possibilities their collaborations can create.


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