Employee Onboarding Workshop

Design a powerful employee onboarding experience that will have your organization be the place where the best talent wants to work and grow.

Why traditional on-boarding is designed to fail

Access to talent is the number one limit to growth for an increasing number of organizations. A recent Gallup Study finds that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job on-boarding new employees and according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employee turnover can be as much as 50% in the first 18 months of employment. The experience a new employee has in their first 90-days determines whether they become a productive member of the team or even decide to stay. Despite this fact, the mad rush to get a new employee up-to-speed and doing their job leads to onboarding experiences that can be described as “drinking from a firehose.” Policy, paperwork, computer passwords, and compliance training… What’s worse is that
the vast majority of templates, tools and strategies designed to streamline onboarding are completely one sided. They focus on how to make an employee productive for the company and ignore what the experience is like for that employee.

Create an evangelist for your company their very first day

Our approach to onboarding experience design is built around a single intention: to have a new employee see their future with your organization before they even start. While there are many existing onboarding models to draw from, the most successful are those that reflect your organization’s unique culture, values and vision and demonstrate your commitment to being a work environment where new talent can grow and thrive.

During this workshop we will explore

  • A multi-dimensional lens to think through when designing powerful onboarding experiences
  • Three fundamental needs new employees have, that when addressed, accelerate excitement, engagement and enrollment
  • A framework to design and deploy your onboarding experience now, and to refine and enhance over time
  • Aspects of your culture and environment that will have the greatest impact on your onboarding experience

You will establish

A detailed 3-month onboarding experience singular to your organization

A method for using your onboarding experience as a powerful attractor of talent

The ability to measure the impact of your new onboarding experience

An employee onboarding guidebook to share and deploy across your entire organization

As a result you will

Improve your ability to attract and retain essential talent

Shorten the time required for new employees to become active generators of value and powerful representatives of your story

Acquire the tools to put your onboarding experience into practice right away


Organizations who will get the most out of this workshop have:

1)  Leadership that understands their organization’s future success depends on a continually evolving team made up of sought-after, top-tier talent

2)  A commitment to a future for their organization that goes beyond what commonly available recruiting and onboarding strategies can make possible

Logistics & Format

This workshop takes place over two 1/2 day-sessions (or one full day event) and is ideally attended by leaders accountable for the performance of the organization who can speak
to its vision and strategy, as well as those who are directly responsible for recruiting, onboarding, developing, and retaining talent.

Typical agenda includes:

Part One: Experience Design (4 hours)

  • The first session focuses on introducing key distinctions and frameworks to provoke new thinking, examine the most powerful attributes to leverage, and create an intention and design brief to define your new onboarding experience.

Part Two: Experience Implementation (4 hours)

  • The second session focuses on detailing the specific elements of the experience, and developing agreements for how to deliver the experience and communicate it in a way that enrolls your team and excites your prospective employee.

Each workshop results in a report that captures the key insights, strategies, and actions created by the team in a way that can be powerfully shared with your whole organization.

Your Facilitators

Our team of dedicated practitioners are experts at creating environments where important conversations can take place in the most constructive ways. In every session, you can expect to not only make remarkable progress on the task at hand, but to also generate more meaningful relationships with your colleagues and your organization. As a result, you and your team will leave the experience filled with new-found energy to take bold action.

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