Maximize your team’s success by owning your strengths

What would be possible if your organization had a team of leaders capable of supporting and amplifying each other’s efforts? What if we recast our roles beyond title—to address the real forces affecting our success?

In this one day workshop, we take a time-out from the demands of your work day to tackle these questions, resulting in an organization that has its fundamental needs cared for by a team of won’t-fail-with-me leaders

Our Work Together

Remap your organization as ecosystem to identify the dynamic cycles that support it

Explore your team’s masteries and needs, and those of the individuals in your group

Invite individual ownership of the domains that need to be cared for, and create a system of interactive support to feed success

Will Result In

A clear understanding of the organization’s biggest interconnected needs, and the kind of attention they require

Ownership of the domains best suited to each leader’s passions and strengths, setting a path for escalating progress

Commitment to mutually supporting each other in the ways that ensure accountability while feeding individual mastery

Your Guide

The results of your Future Design Day workshop will be delivered to you in the form of a concentrated guide designed to include others in the conversation about what is possible and engage your entire organization in creating your future.

Your facilitators

Our team of dedicated practitioners are experts at creating environments where important conversations can take place in the most constructive ways. In every session, you can expect to not only make remarkable progress on the task at hand, but to also generate more meaningful relationships with your colleagues and your organization. As a result, you and your team will leave the experience filled with new-found energy to take bold action.

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