How to navigate the digital age without losing your humanity

Now that we are in an age where we can measure everything, anything repeatable is replaceable by technology and everyone and everything is connected, we are faced with an unprecidented opportunity for all of society to take a giant leap forward. But only if we use our humanity to design a future that serves more of humanity.

Tech forward – human centered

Technology is marching forward at a breathtaking pace. In fact, we have entered a time where technology is learning from technology – without us. To not have our own technology advance beyond us, we must develop as human beings. This means we need to get deeper access to ourselves and each other.

At this event, a digital transformation executive Noah Ullman, Technology Ethicist, David Ryan Polgar and Future Designer Brent Robertson will lead us in a conversation about how the confluence of the evolving needs of society and the advancement of technology has invited us to take a good hard look at our own ambitions as human beings in an age where our very purpose as a species is a new chapter waiting to be written.

The future will be owned by those courageous enough to create it

For leaders who aspire to create a world where more of us can thrive, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to not only dive into a conversation on the very edge of what’s unfolding but to design conditions that encourage others to join in and to get in front of what’s happening.

About your Facilitators

Noah Ullman

Futurist, Chief Marketing Officer & Digital Transformation Lead - Keep America Beautiful

Noah Ullman brings experience from high-tech Fortune 50, to "mom and pop" entrepreneurship, and non-profit organizations to this conversation of technology and humanity. Noah has been involved in the launch of early VR devices, wearable computing, internet of things (IoT), natural language input, and the most successful software on the planet (Windows & Office). This partnership shares perspectives and values that will help anyone adopt, adjust, and augment their work life to the reality of digital transformation, and Noah is thrilled to be part of this discussion.

Noah Ullman, Futurist, Chief Marketing Officer, Keep America Beautiful
Keep America Beautiful logo

David Ryan Polgar

Tech Ethicist, Co-host of Funny as Tech, Tech Journalist & Speaker, All Tech Is Human founder

Tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar focuses on what it means to be human in the digital age. Standing at the intersection of business trends and emerging tech, David offers a fresh and insightful perspective on marketing (“Humanizing Your Brand," host of the recent CoreConnect: Marketing Made Human). He is a 3-time TEDx & international speaker (Future Health Summit in Dublin, TNW Conference in Amsterdam, TechChill in Latvia) and tech writer (Quartz, IBMthinkLeaders, Dell Perspectives, CB Insights) whose commentary has been featured on CBS This Morning, SiriusXM, LA Times, AP, The Guardian,, AdAge, and many more. David is the co-host of Funny as Tech, a show that tackles the thorniest issues in technology. He recently launched All Tech Is Human, which aims to better align the business interests of tech with the human interests of users and society.

David Ryan Polgar, Tech Ethicist, Co-host of Funny as Tech, Tech Journalist & Speaker, All Tech Is Human founder
All Tech is Human logo

Brent Robertson

Future Designer and Co-Founder of Future Design Firm, Fathom

Brent works with leaders to design Futures Worth Fighting For™. A partner at Fathom, he champions an approach to strategic planning, employee engagement, leadership succession, and market differentiation that prioritizes people and relationships. As a result, his clients don’t just plan their futures, they bring them to life through the energy of organization-wide involvement in, and commitment to, generating valuable businesses that matter.

Brent Robertson, Future Designer, Fathom Partner

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