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Are you a leader who sees potential in your team and organization but experiences frustration at not having realized it—especially when it comes to strategy and planning? Curious about how you can make subtle shifts in how you take on strategy discussions that will transform what comes out of it?

Fathom’s approach to strategy

At Fathom, we’ve helped leaders, their teams, and their organizations achieve unprecedented success—by creating deeper, more meaningful, and valuable relationships.

That means approaching strategic planning from the perspective of your organization’s potential future—and how you can use any initiative as a launch point for showing up for your organization and your world in a more valuable way.

What potential do you see in your team and organization that hasn’t been realized? In what ways does your organization or team get in its own way of progress? What conversations do you seem to have over and over?

We have found that…

• People want to see the connection between what we do and the difference it makes
• They want be a part of something that matters
• They want to know where they have the power to act

When you design your strategy with these things in mind, with a clear picture of success:

• Your strategic initiative can take on its own life, and be a rallying point for other efforts to grow around
• You invite contributions from your team that go above and beyond expectations

To learn more check out our Strategic Planning Guide for Leaders


What are the fees for this session?

There are none. We want as many organizations as possible to experience a different kind of strategy so we’re on a mission to talk to as many leaders as we can!


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