Move forward in the face of crisis

Fathom is committed to make itself available to those responsible for leading action in a time that has no precedent.

Starting immediately, we are offering facilitated conversations that invite creativity, objectivity and innovation as you form actions in response to what’s happening in the moment. While we’re navigating the short-term concerns, these conversations will also focus on helping you thoughtfully design your actions so they have a positive effect long into the future. The options below are ways you can engage with us at deeply discounted rates. Beyond these offerings, we also invite you to reach out to us anytime to talk further about your situation and we’ll be happy to share our insights free of charge.

Vital Offers In A New World


The way business is being done has changed indefinitely. To help your organization adapt, we’ll guide you through the process of revising and re-booting critical products and services, so they are relevant, viable, and profitable in the context of this changed market landscape.

We will:

  • Provide an objective expert perspective to provoke meaningful innovation
  • Accelerated design-thinking process that will get you to market fast
  • Take you from concept to marketplace launch, to winning business

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Coaching and mentoring


There is no better time than now to have an objective partner to help you think through ideas and explore new realms of leadership capacity. Whether you have never worked with one of our coaches, or simply would like to ramp up your current Fathom coaching schedule, out to us. Team coaching and mentoring are also available.

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Beyond Emergency Communication


To help you and your organization stay ahead of this situation, we offer our expertise as facilitators and communicators to guide you and your team through the development of an ongoing communication strategy. Beyond getting your organization’s “what we’re doing about Covid-19” message out— we will explore what communication efforts will sustain relationships and invite new ones.

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Organizational Resiliency


This workshop will focus on how your organization can become stronger through adversity and change. Fathom will facilitate a series of targeted conversation with your leadership team that will result in a prioritized action plan and a way to communicate the measures you are taking in a way that invites the committed engagement of your entire team.

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