Sip Sessions are guided interchanges of ideas, experiences, and beverages, all in service to provoking our innate ability to create the future we want to live into.




Slay Your Money Demons

Human greatness exists the moment we stop believing we are powerless. Money can be an evil master that ...

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2019 Sip Session Lineup

January 16
Ellen Palmer – CEO, Ellen Palmer Wellness
Is the suffering we experience in our lives, just the way it is?

February 19
Rebekah Castagno – Director, Emerging Leaders Society, United Way
What can come from bringing light into the darkest places

March 13
Erica Thompson – Senior Minister, Asylum Hill Congregational Church
Including the lessons of the past in our story of our future

April 17
Suzi Craig – Senior Director of Advocacy, Mental Health Connecticut
What is the nature of our attachment to people, ideas and things? Is it serving us?

May 22
Joseph Landor & Kelly Ashton Bradley – Hammond Iles Weath Advisors
Slay Your Money Demons

June 19
Matt Necci – Partner, Halloran Sage
Can we have greater ownership of our community?


July 17
Ellen Feldman Ornato & Jenny Drescher – Co-founders, The Bolder Company
Experiencing curiosity, generosity, levity, and courage

August 14
AJ Johnson – Senior Pastor, Urban Hope Refuge Church
Inspiring activism

September 18
Jenn T Grace – Founder & CEO, Publish Your Purpose
What can happen when empathy becomes a bigger part of your life

November 13
Karen Senteio – CIO, Verve Coaching
Did you bring a knife to a gun fight?

December 11
Byron Lazine – CEO, One + Company
Be selfish to be selfless

December 18
Ripi Singh, Phd – Founder of Inspiring Next & Brent Robertson – Partner at Fathom
Society 5.0


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