A transformative experience for leaders who want a clear vision for their organization’s unique thriving future, knowledge of what to do next, and a team super-charged to go after it. 

Organizations driven by ideas greater than the services and products they provide outperform those that aren’t.*

Making incremental changes and improvements is important, but if that’s the only place we’re putting our minds and attention then we’re limiting ourselves to the benchmarks of what we’ve already experienced or know is possible, limiting the growth and evolution of our organizations.

With Future Design Day, we set our sights on something that allows us to expect performance beyond those benchmarks. We guide leaders in revealing the fundamental beliefs and commitments at the heart of your organization and your team, and the unique forms of future growth (revenue, reputation, relationships, reach, influence, impact, etc.) that makes possible. We then reveal the strategic and pragmatic next steps—choices about where to put energy and resources that will make the biggest difference, and create a chain reaction of progress.


What to expect

Future Design Day is for leaders with big ambitions for the future of their organization, who don’t want to leave that future to chance. It is a turning point in your ability to articulate and pursue your organization’s path towards unprecedented growth. You and your team will gain: 

An essential picture of reality— in the form of an objective view of your organization as it exists today—not just by the numbers, but through the state of relationships within and without your organization

Clarity and agreement on the future you want to create— based on key measures of what your organization’s growth truly looks like, and the inspiring reasons to pursue it

An articulation of your authentic purpose—a compelling way to express the core belief and commitment that will invites others and drive your organization towards unprecedented growth

A clear understanding of what to do next— which current efforts are contributing to that future, which aren’t, and what needs to be created to drive growth and development

An easy way to reference and share your big ideas and next steps plan— in the form of a streamlined Future Design Day Report that can be understood by anyone

How Future Design Day works

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Over Zoom virtual sessions, we help you and your team transcend the demands of the day, and explore what’s possible for your future.  

We create an environment that invites leaders to discover and share more of themselves, and bring out the best of the team. We encourage truth, boldness, courage, imagination, joy and the critical judgement and commitment needed to take an ideal future from a vision to a concrete path based in reality, with all its challenges and hard choices.

Relationship Assessment

Many of the leaders we work with choose to super-charge their Future Design Day with Fathom’s Relationship Assessment, which invites those important to your future (employees, board, investors, partners, clients, customers, etc.) to share:

  • Who you are for them and how they talk about you to others
  • What they value most about their relationship with you
  • How your relationship could be strengthened
  • What future products or services would be most aligned with their needs
  • Who they imagine you could be, and where they want to connect in making it happen

Armed with these answers, leaders can create a vision and commitment for the future that’s truly inclusive of all stakeholders, and invites everyone to fight for that future along the way.

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