How valuable is purpose to an organization? For one of our clients it’s worth $30 Billion. In a partnership with Michael Waterbury and the executive teams from RemedyOne and AlignRx, we helped channel decades of dissatisfaction with the broken systems in the healthcare administration and pharmacy benefits space into the creation of a new community of companies designed to improve the current state of healthcare delivery, and reform or replace the most critical parts of the system that are no longer working.

Galvanizing belief and commitment

A little over a year ago we held a Future Design Day, Fathom’s future facing, purpose-based strategy session, with Michael Waterbury and his executive team. At the time they were running a wildly successful company called RemedyOne and were considering what was next for the organization.

On that day, Brent Robertson and Ben Callaghan helped the team uncover a belief and commitment that would light the fuse on a rocket ship. It became clear that to truly act on their belief and live their purpose they needed to build something bigger—a platform for future growth and the creation of future companies to take on the inter-connected challenges of the healthcare system.

“We now hold the belief that we can define our future by using consistent language and a unified purpose.”
Michael Waterbury, CEO, Goodroot

Purpose in action

Over the next twelve months, Fathom led their team on a full Transform journey, helping to shape three new purpose driven organizations and brands; Goodroot — the platform and parent company, and its first new companies: Famulus and Penstock. In each case, Fathom worked with the emerging executive teams to reveal a bold organizational vision and strategy, provided coaching and mentorship, worked to set organizational goals and achievement methodologies and designed experiences to celebrate accomplishments with every member of the organization.

“We had offsite with Fathom to help us think about what was going on within RemedyOne at the time. And it really served it better to elevate it out of that business so we could focus on its core competency and really talk about what we’re talking about here in a different type of entity. And then what can that entity do? What is it out for?

And we identified during that workshop that, you know what, we’re out for reducing $30 billion of waste out of the healthcare system by 2025. And then we said, ‘Wow, that’s a big number. Where are we at today?’ And as of today, we’re at $820 million. So we’re making progress and I think there’s going to be some big wins ahead of us within the next few years.”

Jim Harper, CFO, Goodroot

Now six companies in total, Goodroot is on a mission to overcome seemingly impossible barriers to creating a healthcare system that delivers greater care, to more people, at less cost.

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