Working with the executive leadership team at Goodroot and newly appointed president Mike Szwajkos of Famulus, the Fathom team helped establish the company as a key player in the pharmacy network ecosystem, resulting in several successful partnerships, contracts, and rapid growth for the organization.

Michael Waterbury, Michael Szwajkos, and team needed Fathom’s Purpose Driven Brand LAUNCH engagement. The leaders already had a name, and they had sophisticated products, but that alone was not enough to launch a company designed to disrupt a rigid sub-system of healthcare.

In a few months, Fathom worked to galvanize the organization by defining its purpose and clarifying its commitments to the world. Through a network of creative partners, we established a sophisticated purpose-driven brand, market and messaging strategy, product sub-brands, and customized sales materials.

“With Fathom, we were able to clarify what matters most, the effect we are actually trying to achieve in healthcare, which allowed us to move that much faster and with confidence, standing up our products and a world class market facing brand in record time. – Mike Szwajkos, Founder and President, Famulus

A few months later, Famulus integrated with the largest and most sophisticated cash pricing networks in the US. Famulus is now providing its real-time analytics software and custom pharmacy networks to help health plans and employers manage their pharmacy benefits and lower their costs.

“Famulus is a healthcare technology services company that’s closing the gap between what drugs cost and what people pay for their prescriptions. They play an important role in the Goodroot family of companies who aims to save consumers $30 billion in healthcare costs in the next five years. -Michael Waterbury, CEO, Goodroot”

To learn more about Famulus, visit famulushealth.com.

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