Working with the Goodroot executive team, President Jim Harper, and subject matter experts Chris Gallagher and Jeff Snyder, Fathom uncovered a compelling vision for the organization, and a declaration of commitment. Fathom then guided the team through a naming process and the shaping of a purpose-driven brand set up to claim a unique position in the payment integrity space.

To launch this new organization, the team went through Fathom’s Future Design Day, a future-facing, purpose-based strategy session. The result was a clear vision to aim for, and a powerful commitment to stand out in the payment integrity space, by redesigning the systems where errors occur and creating lasting systemic change between healthcare payors and providers.

“Fathom is an organization uniquely skilled to identify and spark passion within those people and bring forth language to define a future worth investing in and communicate to the market why our organization matters.” – Jim Harper, President, Penstock

New brand and market-facing messages were formed, rooted in a guiding purpose and designed around the idea of illumination. “We see a better way, we don’t turn an eye, we are committed to exposing errors and fixing what’s broken. We are on a hunt for the truth.”

Penstock’s development was one part of a larger Fathom Transform engagement that created Goodroot – a family of companies designed to improve the current state of healthcare delivery, and reform or replace the most critical parts of the system that are no longer working. Now six companies in total, Goodroot is on a mission to overcome seemingly impossible barriers to creating a healthcare system that delivers greater care, to more people, at less cost. Over the next five years, they aim to save consumers $30 billion in healthcare costs.

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